UK based email hosting

Our UK based email hosting is great for start-ups who haven’t quite got to the stage of publishing a website yet, but they need a professional email account to communicate with customers and suppliers.


If you’re serious about your business then you’ll want to ensure you use a professional email address. This should be @your company name rather than a third party mail platform. With our email hosting we’ll secure your web domain name for you and look after it free of charge.

Reliable, secure and fast UK based servers

Our servers are based in the UK which means data has less distance to travel, meaning fast emails. We back up daily, and the servers are scanned daily for malware and viruses. All mailboxes are SSL certified.


When it’s time for your business to have a website we can upgrade your email hosting to managed web hosting, and we can design and build you a new website. Visit Winter Design for more information.


Our email only hosting prices start at £180 per year for 10GB disk space. More disk space can be added as and when required. Prices are subject to VAT.