WordPress website migration

Not all websites are maintained the way they should be; often websites are built, installed to a hosting space and left to fall into disrepair; the client may continue to manage the content but one day something stops working… Who fixes that?

Is your website broken?

Clients often come to us asking for a new website, and in many cases a new website is the best solution. However there are instances where a website will be salvageable. If features on a site aren’t working the way they should be, we’re best placed to fix them. Some functionality issues can be remedied via a quick plug-in update; others may require replacement plug-ins, and in some cases it may be necessary to carry out some advanced coding work. This is what we do and we do it very well.

Moving your WordPress website

If a website has fallen into disrepair it’s likely due to the lack of a maintenance plan (managed hosting). The website will most likely exist in a hosting space of sorts on a web server, and it will need to be retrieved. We can take care of this process for you, and provided the existing host is able to supply us with the files we require, we can facilitate migration to our servers with zero down-time.

Is your website down?

If your existing website is down, i.e. nothing loads when you try to visit the web address, we can investigate the probable cause and advise on the appropriate next steps. The cause could be an issue at the server end, an issue with the website itself, or the DNS (domain name server).

Not mobile friendly?

Today mobile friendly websites are more the norm than the exception. As a general rule if a WordPress website isn’t mobile friendly it’s going to be easier to re-build it from scratch to support mobile devices, however we’re still able to host non-mobile friendly sites. This can be particularly beneficial to clients who need a new site in the future but require the current site to stay live in the meantime.

Costs to move your WordPress website

The effort required to move an existing WordPress website to our servers will depend on the ease of access to the website files, and the complexity of the site itself. We audit all sites before moving them onto our servers and this can take anything from two hours to two days. The average cost to move an existing WordPress site to our servers is £340 (plus VAT).

What do we do that your previous web host didn’t?

Our managed hosting service is much more involved than simply publishing a website to a server. Read more about our managed WordPress hosting here.