Why UK hosting?

If you’re a UK business with UK customers then UK hosting is simply a must.

Every request a web browser makes for information from a website takes time, and over the Atlantic that time can be 120 milliseconds longer than a request within Europe. That might not sound much, but with some modern websites using 100 files to construct one page, that could add an extra 12 seconds to your page load time.

Having your website hosted in the UK if you’re based in the UK just makes sense, doesn’t it?

UK-based hosting for UK-based businesses means more customers

We’ve helped many UK businesses increase the number of visitors to their sites, and subsequently their customer base, and their sales. Page load time is crucial for converting a visit to action; many visitors leave web pages before they’ve loaded, so it’s vital that the pages load as quickly as possible… Having your website hosted in the same place as its visitors is one way to speed up your page load time.

Which country is your website hosted in?

Who currently hosts your website? Are they based in the UK? Are their servers based in the UK? Drop us a line, we can help you find out.

Is your bounce rate higher than you think it should be?

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who leave the site after viewing only one page. If your content doesn’t load quickly enough for them, do you think they’re going to hang around? If you’re not sure what your bounce rate is we can help you fond out – get in touch.

Global customer base?

If you want great performance for a global customer base then we have solutions for you too – email us – we’d love to help.

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