Why WordPress is the web platform to choose

WordPress is the world’s most popular web platform, now running 30% of the entire internet. Below we’ve noted some key reasons why we believe it’s the best web platform to choose.

Excellent separation of style and content

The visual design of your site is completely separated from the content of your pages, so that you can easily update your content without affecting the style.

This same separation allows designers and developers to produce a site without the content management system imposing any constraints on them, which is one of the reasons why wordpress is superior to other web platforms.

WordPress is easy to use

You edit the content of your pages with a visual editor that runs within your web browser, preview your work before it’s live and just press a button to publish when you’re ready.

Widely used Open Source software with business backing

Over one-fifth of the world’s websites are now powered by WordPress and this amazing level of adoption has spin-off benefits.

There are many benefits to using Open Source software, where anyone is free to download and inspect the code. When Open Source software becomes as popular as WordPress, security issues are typically found and fixed fast. With a large, vibrant, global development community it’s easy to find a developer to work with.

Great site performance

Half of the world’s WordPress sites run at wordpress.com within one single installation of WordPress, serving 126M unique visitors per month, substantially more than Amazon. With the right hosting and expertise your WordPress site can scale to handle any size readership.

Questions about why WordPress is the right web platform for you? Contact us, we’ll answer any questions you have.

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